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Software-ICE is a tool for software debugging.
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Software-ICE uses the
mode protected from the 386 to make function DOS in a virtual machine.
This makes it possible Software-ICE to have a total control of
environment DOS. Software-ICE uses the characteristics of the mode
protected from the 386, such as the paging, the level of privilege of
the I/O, the point of stops on registers, to add points of stops of
level hardware has your débugger current. Software-ICE was written
with three ideas at the head: 1. To use the possibilities of virtual
machine of the 386 to obtain possibilities of débugging impossible to
obtain or at the very least prohibitivement slow with a débugger
software. (ex: points of stop hardware in real time, protection
memory, etc.). 2. To be able to work with the existing débuggers. We
wanted to produce a tool functioning with the existing products. We
created Software-ICE in such way that you are not obliged to learn new
a débugger to obtain powerful functions of débugging hardware. 3. To
be a simple program of use, with windows which are displayed
instantaneously. All the commands of Software-ICE were created to
re-enter in a small window so that this information is always visible
on the screen below Software-ICE. A dynamic on line help comes to
assistance of the users who are useful themselves of Software-ICE only
occasionally. Characteristics of the program Software-ICE: * points of
stop in real time on the read/writes in memory, read/writes of ports,
report fields, and interruptions. * historical of the back traces
* débugging level source and symbolic system
* an environment functioning with the existing débuggers
* complete support of the EMM 4.0
* a window being able to be called at any moment
* the possibility of leaving by a support touches even if the
interruptions are decontaminated
* the code of the debugger is isolated by the mode protected from the
80386. Celà prevents a program ' errant' modifying or from destroying
Software-ICE; even if DOS is planted, Software-ICE continues to
* the possibility of configuring Software-ICE not to use of
conventional memory if your machine has more 640K
* a dynamic on line help
* the possibility of being used all alone. This possibility is
interressante if you débuggez pilots of peripheral, managers of
interruption, or sequences of boot where the traditional débuggers do
not have access or if your débugger has problems of re-entry
* a possibility of boot which allows you débugger with systems of
operation not-Back or programs car-bootables
* a simple installation, without DIP to be positioned, neither
input/output used, nor conflict of addressage NOTE: Software-ICE does
not function with the programs in real mode. It does not function with
the programs using the instructions of the mode protected from the
80286 and 80386
NOTE & HELP ... ng_SoftICE english ... _Reference english


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